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How to Obtain the Best from the Internal Search Engine

read this guide to improve your searches

The search will be made only in the text visible in the pages of the site. To focus your search results better, the PDF files are not scanned.

Guidelines to improve your search:
  • Type in one or more descriptive words and press Enter or click the Search button
  • If you type several words, you get all the pages that contain all the words in your query (boolean AND)
  • Use OR between descriptive words to retrieve pages that include occurrences of either word A or word B or both
  • The search is not case sensitive, therefore gauge, GAUGE, Gauge provide all the same results
  • Word variations are included in your search, e.g. if you search for probe you will find also probes, probing, etc; therefore it is convenient to search for a singular word, and also its plural ending will be found
  • Wildcards are supported: ending a string with a * searches for all the words starting with that string, e.g. if you search for gr* you will find words like grinder, grinding, grades, great, group, etc
  • Some synonyms are considered equivalent: if you search for gauge you will find also gage
  • Many common words such as the, and, in, to, ... are ignored: use only descriptive words in the search. When a common word is filtered off and you try to search it alone, you will get no results at all
  • Only words found in the visible text of the pages return a match (hidden texts, like metatags or ALT tags, are not scanned)

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