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Automotive Industry (Car Components)

Automotive Industry (Car Components)

Automotive industries and their subcontractors can find at Marposs a full range of measuring / testing equipment to help with manufacturing and assembling car components.



Here below you find the most typical customized applications for car components:

  • benches and machines for manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic inspection of multiple parameters
  • equipment for non-destructive testing based on the eddy current technology
  • equipment for leak testing

grouped by part type :

Solutions for  crankshafts

Solutions for  camshafts

Solutions for  connecting rods

Solutions for  cylinder blocks & cylinder heads

Solutions for  piston pins

Solutions for  fuel injectors

Solutions for  transmission components (gears, gear shafts, etc)

Solutions for  transmission housings & assemblies (gear, differential, clutch)

Solutions for  brake disks & drums, wheel hubs

Solutions for  constant velocity joints

Solutions for  steering components

Solutions for  roller bearings

Solutions for  car body

Solutions for  glass components