Product Lines & Applications

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Marposs offers the following solutions for manual and automatic measurement:

Gauging fixtures for  measurements either by attributes using pins (functional checks) or by variables using mechanical or electronic gauges like dials, pencil probes or electronic plugs (dimensional and geometric checks).

Modular Quick Set™ benches for shaft-like or for ring-like components, easily retoolable by the customer.

Flexible benches / machines for semi-automatic / automatic inspection of shaft-like components within a given range. 

Dedicated benches customized for specific part types, with manual part load/unload and either manual or semi-automatic cycle.

Dedicated machines customized for specific part types, with fully automatic part handling and gauging cycle.

Gauging stations for assembly for lines where parts are matched through selective assembly.

Checking stations for production lines, where interoperational functional inspections are required.